Friday, May 25, 2012


Summer is in full swing here. I've never really cared about summer, it was just a necessary evil to get to winter (Christmastime, my favorite!), but having two rambunctious boys, I can appreciate all the things summer has to offer! 

Owen and I currently have an obsession with candles. He asks to smell every one he sees at the store, and lately he has helped me pick out a few. This watermelon sangria one is my favorite so far. 

I ran into Fry's to grab some creamer and ended up with all of these summer goodies. Whoops!
And yes, eyeliner is summery because it's waterproof. 

Last Saturday's lunch, for free, courtesy of a Papa Murphy's promo. 

Last Saturday evening we took a stroll around the Shops at Norterra. After I shopped for some goodies at Charming Charlie's (Ryan got me a gift card for Mother's Day), we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Sauce. It was soo good and the boys loved it. Score.

We let Austin walk around instead of sit in the stroller. He definitely enjoyed his newfound freedom! 


My big boys

Some other summery things we have enjoyed are



Going to the library

...and playing with the trains...

...week after week...

...and playing on the computer at the library...

I promise we actually get books too!

Case in point, I often randomly pick interesting looking books from the shelves at the library. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn't...

this book about being "silly" was little more risque than I'm comfortable with..

This has been my lunch a few days a week. Yummy. 

Owen was here. 

Once a month I get this gem in the mail. Full of coupons and recipes and great ideas. Love it. 
Even better if I read it outside while the boys swim. With some sweet iced tea.

I've been doing a lot of meal planning and shopping lately too. We're going through food like crazy with these growing boys. 

There's a peek into my week. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, I'm NaeMaeLynn. 

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