Friday, October 10, 2014

10 on 10 - October 2014

ten on ten button

It's been forever since I've done a 10 on 10 post! I love having these little details to look back on. This week I accidentally thought that Wednesday was the 10th so I took all my pictures then. I don't know where my brain's at half the time. Life with little ones I suppose!

9ish - had my bestie over for a paydate. Every Wednesday we get together with our combined 6 kids, drink coffee, and watch 19 Kids and Counting. One of my favorite days of the week :)

10ish - noticed my nails matched my Starbucks tumbler - I now refer to Essie's "Going Incognito" as "Starbucks Green"

11ish - Owen was here

12ish - flannel for days

1ish sleeping babe <3 p="">

2ish - free time! Parked on the couch with some Gilmore Girls

3ish - Owen is up from rest time.  Little bit of homeschooling

4ish - Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Casserole in the oven. Easily my favorite fall casserole. The in-laws came by and entertained the kids while I assembled it. 

5ish - This guy <3

6ish - This kid cracks me up. I think I enjoy bathtime as much as he does!

7ish - Owen ate all his dinner so he requested a "snack" - chocolate cheerios, cheddar cubes (his favorite food!) and pear slices. Growth spurt, perhaps? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Catching Up

I'll never forgive myself if I let this little blog fall by the wayside so I'm going to try and catch up a bit! I've had such a problem with Blogger messing up my posts but I'm gonna push through it.

Here are some things that stuck out over this past year that I don't want to forget. 


Claire, Ruth's daughter and Gavin's future wife, was born. Isn't she precious? 

Chick Fil A. Every Thursday, rain or shine. 

Gavin's first time in the bumbo!

I started a shop for selling/buying boys clothes on Instagram. I've since changed the name to @JonesBoysShop. 

Gavin turned 2 months. 

January 23rd, Owen (legitimately this time) lost his first tooth!


Gavin and Claire double dated with us and Jeff and Ruth. 

Gav started to enjoy the exersaucer. He also started rolling over!


The boys started sports. Tooooo cute!

There's Owen giving me thumbs up during a game, haha!

Gavin turned 4 months!


Dressed the boys in matching mustard skinnies. Oh yes I did. 

We celebrated Easter

We celebrated this sweet boy's 4th birthday!

Spent a lot of time trying how to wrangle grocery shop with 3 kiddos. 

Gavin started sitting up!

Girls Night with Ruth

So many sweet moments with these boys. They really adore each other. 

We celebrated our 8th anniversary

Gavin turned 6 months old

Ryan graduated from ASU with a masters in business! So proud of him!


It was hot. We swam. I turned 27. 


Family vacation to Carlsbad, CA!


Owen started kindergarten at the neighborhood elementary school. (Spoiler alert: we took him out 2 month later and now we're homeschooling!)

Gavin turned 10 months

Gavin started pulling himself up and standing!

Head + bunk beds + ceiling fan = first ER trip


Austin had a bad case of croup (rough month for the little guy!)

I got to see my long time bff, Courtney! What a treat, love this girl!

Owen turned 6!


We attended our church's first family camp. The boys had a blast in the woods. 

We decorated this little Halloween house the night we got back from family camp. We had some sad little boys who "missed the woods" but this cheered them up!