Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a nice weekend. It started on Friday when the Jones' came up for a visit. They joined us for dinner at Ajo Al's. We don't take the boys out to dinner with us super often, but this time and last time they did really great so maybe we'll attempt it more often.

Here they are eating. Can you tell they get really into it? We ordered them a cheese quesadilla and it kept them quite busy.
After dinner we put they boys down and I headed to Target for some things we needed. I ended up meeting up with Ruth and we went to Starbucks afterwards for a little bit. So fun!

Saturday morning we ran errands and hung out at home. I had a hair appointment in the afternoon. Went back to my natural color, dark brown. Yawn. Oh well, at least it's low maintenance.
Sunday was, well, Sunday. Ryan left for church early to help set up. We were out of coffee so I decided to run by Starbucks with the boys on the way to church - I really needed some caffeine. Turns out that was a bad idea. Owen woke up in a bad/whiny mood and stayed that way all morning. Plus I had Austin in the car seat and it was packed in Starbucks. Owen kept trying to make a break for the door that leads to the patio, where we usually sit when we come as a family. I had to hold his hand firmly, he had a tantrum right at the cash register. We had a to wait several minutes for my caramel macchiato to be ready, so I bought him a pastry. He didn't like it and almost threw it on the floor before I intervened. It was just one of those mornings. By the time I got my coffee and got us all back to the car, I was practically sweating. And that was all before church!

This little one rarely gives me trouble. Such a stud. He's getting so big!

After church and naps we took a walk to the park as a family - Krosby included. It was unseasonably warm, but oh well. At least we got some exercise.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Our Newest Addition


We adopted this sweet dog on Saturday. After months of talking about adding a dog to our family, we went to an adoption at Petsmart. His big brown doe eyes caught our attention. We spent some time with him and decided he would be a great fit for our family. He came to live with us that afternoon!

He's a lab/shar pai mix. He's 9 months and totally full grown. He has a very sweet disposition and is great with the kids! He's house and kennel trained, which is awesome. He hasn't had a single accident while in the house, even when he was in the kennel for 3 1/2 hours while I was at work. He rarely barks. Really, he's the perfect dog. He does get a bit excited and try to jump up on you sometimes but we're training him not to do that. The boys love him. Owen loves to play fetch with him, and I must admit, it's nice that Owen has someone to chase around outside. They both roll around in the grass and in general make a mess but hey, they're boys.

I'm not much of an animal person but I can't help but love this sweet guy.

His name, Krosby, was my idea - it's the name of one of the characters from one of my favorite shows, Parenthood. It fits him well.

Welcome to the fam, Kros!