Monday, August 23, 2010

Crib Tent and The Doctors

We got this crib tent tonight off of Craigslist tonight. Austin is outgrowing his bassinet and is about ready for the big boy crib and sharing a room with his brother, but I don't quite trust Owen around the crib. TO ensure he doesn't try to climb in with Brother or share a cracker or sippy cup or something, we got this crib tent. It zips open in the front for easy access to Baby. Quite an interesting contraption, I think. We'll try it out when Austin starts to sleep consistently through the night.

He was doing great through the night, but the combination of a cold and a growth spurt threw him off. Here's to hoping he picks up where he left off and I can get a full night of sleep again!

In other news, Owen's gonna be famous! I got an email from a lady who works for the show called The Doctors (which I occasionally watch!) asking if she could use a picture of Owen's (previously) chipped tooth on an upcoming show! I thought that was pretty cool. And random. She must've come across my blog after Google-ing "baby chipped tooth" or something. They will just show his mouth, but hey, I'm sure some agent will know just by looking at my cute boy's mouth that he's full of personality and destined for fame. Right?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What else? Pictures of the boys!

Austin's chubby little cheeks just melt my heart!

He is such a sweet, happy, contented baby. If he's being held.

He just started sitting in his bumbo. He loves to watch Owen as he plays.

Two of Owen's cousins came over to play one day. They all ran around like crazy, then watched Blue's Clues.
Owen's really in to talking on the phone. He usually babbles but kinda freezes when he's actually talking to someone!
AJ used to have his baths but now he loves them! He kicks his legs and waves his arms and smiles so big!

Post bath :)
Why do I always end up taking pictures with the boys on this chair? Haha!
Little buddies

Owen has done a great job sharing with Austin lately.

O loves to help me "fold" the laundry. He's such a helper!

Here he is "helping" me mop. Sweet boy!