Thursday, July 31, 2008

Opinions Please

I can't decide.

Stay brown....

Or go back to blonde? (please ignore my brother, this pic was taken at Halloween but shows the blonde I would want)

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ryan and I just got back from our yearly family vacation to Carlsbad, California. Every year we go in July and spend a week with Ryan's immediate and extended family and enjoy lots of relaxing time at the beach. Dad was with us for a few days too.

Reading on the beach

Hanging out at night on "the green"

Rylee was full of entertainment

Sand gotee

Tara and Rylee

One day we went on a train ride

"Nanna" playing with Rylee

Ryan and Trevor playing

Me and Taylor being silly

My cousin Michelle and I. She just had a little boy, Michael, a few months ago. He and Owen will be buddies!

Towards the end of vacation we attended Ryan's cousin Corbin's wedding. It was beautiful, they were beautiful! There was some difficulty getting there, and my cute new purple heel broke as we were leaving, but it was well worth it.
In baby news, I'm almost 34 weeks! As soon as we got back from vacation, the homestretch of this pregnancy began. I've been doing research on items, working on my registry, looking at pediatricians and things like that. It's been a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. We did get the crib and dresser up, and, yikes, his dresser is already starting to fill up! Can't wait to dress my little man up cute :)
I've been feeling really good lately, aside from some swelling in my feet and general fatigue. Not as bad as I was expecting, but then again, I still have 6 weeks to go :)
I usually have Ryan take a belly pic before date night but we haven't had a date night in a while due to vacation. I'll try to remember to take one soon tho.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Catching Up

Last weekend Ryan and my dad painted the nursery. It turned out great! I especially love to see how great the crib bedding looks up against it... it's so great to finally start pulling things together in that room! We are hopefully going to pick up the crib and dresser (HUGE HUGE thanks to Doug & JoAnn and Daddy for their generosity!!) this week and get those up. It is absolutely surreal that our baby boy is so close to being with us. I just keep shaking my head throughout the day and smiling! Can't believe it!

Had a 30 week checkup this week, everything still looks great. I can tell the baby is getting bigger because of his whopping punches and movements.

In other news, my sweetie had a birthday on Sunday. He's 25! After church he went to a Dbacks game with his dad and then we relaxed and had some friends over for dinner.

Happy birthday, Ry. I was there for your 21st birthday and I'm happy to be here for your 25th. I want celebrate you every year for the rest of my life! Thanks for being the gentle, kind, funny, smart, compassionate, godly man that you are. I'm crazy about you!

I did something out of the ordinary...

... and now I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I ordered groceries from

Now first of all, I never go to Safeway for groceries. I'm a Walmart girl at heart. I've been going to the Walmart by my house since the day it opened. I know it like the back of my hand, and I can be in and out in no time. But, I digress.

There was a reason behind my madness. 1. I've ordered groceries from there once before, and it went well. I received them in a timely manner, and everything was in good shape. 2. It's just so hot out and I'm...big..... so I thought it would be fun for the groceries to come to me for once. 3. Most importantly, I tend to be a compulsive grocery buyer. I always go in with a list and come out with that... and more. So I though if I just buy them online I won't be enticed by all the snacky sugary things.

The catch is that they charge a $9.95 delivery fee. And there is a 4 hour window in which they deliver, (which I pick) so I have to be home for that 4 hours. Oh, and they have a $50 minimum in purchases. Hmm. I guess I figure that if some point in the future I have a sick baby or can't leave the house for some reason, it's nice to know there is another option. I'm sure this won't become a regular thing with me, but it's kinda exciting to try.....