Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 months

Owen turned a year and a half last Friday the 19th. For some reason I was particularly sentimental that day, so we did some fun things to commemerate!

We went to McDonald's for lunch

and Owen played like a big boy in the play area

then Papa Ross came over and Owen showed off some of his super cool antics like riding his toy car WITH Papa's shoes on. Owen is obsessed with shoes (90% of the time he goes for Daddy's shoes, not mine. Phew.)
Happy boy :)

Papa took us out for dinner to On the Border that night. Owen kept himself entertained by eating crayons
and coloring here and there

and for dessert he showed off his new trick - eating with a big boy spoon!

O loves his Papa

Some other things he loves:

playing with the swiffer and broom (this can keep him entertained for forever!)

wearing daddy's shoes

playing in his fort between the couches

He also loves being outdoors and running free, playing with his cousins, watching Baby Einstein and Elmo, his blocks, climbing on anything, eating snacks, dancing to loud music, reading his favorite books, taking a bath and being chased around. He is at such a fun age! He's also talking more. He says "ball" "shoes" "hi" "snack" "Papa" and of course Mommy and Daddy, among other words. He's about 28 lbs and pretty tall and lean. He's got quite a personality - he's sweet and affectionate but can also be pretty rowdy! He's all boy and we just love every second we have with him!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valentine's Day

Had a fun V-Day with my man. I found this on the seat of the truck as we headed out for the night...
it had lots of chocolate and a sweet card
Then we grabbed a quick dinner at Rubios with O before we dropped him of at the babysitters
and Ryan and I headed off to the movies where we saw Valentine's Day (cute movie!) and then went for dessert at The Melting Pot. Wow, it was delicious.
Ryan and I and Baby Austin at 30 weeks!

Thanks Ry for a sweet Valentine's Day! Can't believe we've had 6 together but each one is better that the last!