Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why is Owen so Happy?

Because he's gonna be a big brother!!!
Baby Jones #2 due April 24th

Owen's First Birthday

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Technically Owen has already had his first haircut but this was the first one at a kiddie cut place. He did great - Ry & I were so proud!

He got to watch Elmo, which he loves - it made the haircut pretty easy. He hardly moved!

He looks like such a big boy

After his haircut he got to have his very first sucker. Of course he LOVED it.

Then we went to Starbucks. He just sat on the table and happily sucked on his sucker. What a sticky mess. He had already gotten in in his hair!

love my boy

Owen's First Ocean Experience

Carlsbad Part 2

We decided to leave for CA at 4:30 in hopes that Owen would sleep through the first part of the drive. This actually worked pretty well. It helped to make a breakfast pit-stop at Denny's.

We arrived in CA before anyone else so we spent the afternoon walking around Seaport Village. They have an awesome area for kites. Owen loved 'em!
This kite was HUGE!
He also couldn't stop staring at this guy in the park playing the saxophone.

Walking around with Dad
Looking at the cool birds
The view from our room. It looked onto what we call "The Green". We spend a lot of time hanging out there when we're not at the beach.

We went to dinner with Doug & JoAnn our first night there. Owen kept us entertained with his antics.

First time EVER at the beach... O was hesitant at first. The water was cold! But he did great.

He loved to eat the sand. We spend most of the time at the beach scraping sand out of his mouth.

The next afternoon we walked around Carlsbad. We visited this cute shop called Bit 'O Britian. They were giving out free samples of shortbread - Owen approved.

Ready to go get some dinner

One evening, Ryan's cousin Corbin, who's wedding we attended last year when we were in Carlsbad, came to visit.
Cousins on the Winters side; Michelle, Corbin, Tara & Ryan
Corbin, me

Owen absolutely loves balls of any kind.

Another day at the beach

Owen with Aunt Tara

Sweet boy fell asleep on me

Asleep in his stroller
Wrestling with Trevor

Mom & O's matching shoes

Kisses for Daddy

Last day in CA...