Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 on 10

ten on ten button

It's been awhile since I've done a 10 on 10! Today was a nice, normal Tuesday so I was actually about to remember to take a picture every hour. Miracle!


Morning coffee. I'm loving Target's Buttery Caramel grounds with a hazelnut or sweet cream creamer. Mmmmmm


It was cool enough out this morning to leave my front door open for a bit. This "cool", overcast weather is so nice - although I'd bet by the weekend it'll be warm enough to swim again!


Grocery shopping + buying a few supplies for a nesting project I'm working on


32 weeks today!


Night night


Mani time


One of the best parts of my day


Folding laundry and watching Prison Break (love that show, so good!)


McFadden boys over to play! 


Breakfast for dinner

Movie night! Up + popcorn & mini m&m's

That's my day in a nutshell! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby #3

Soooo, this may be a little overdue, but...

I'm pregnant! And it's a boy!

This is the first time we've tried for a baby (our boys were, um.. surprises!) We started praying late last year for clear direction on when to add to our family, and found out we were pregnant in February! 

Here's our little bean at 7 weeks

Our boys making the announcement for us. They're VERY excited!

Around 9 1/2 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks

18 weeks and on our way to the gender ultrasound! Spoiler alert - it's a BOY!

I made these gender reveal cupcakes to take to family night that night. 

Green for boy. Baby Gavin is on the way!

20 weeks and halfway there!

21 weeks. I don't have a full length mirror at home, but there's one at Kohls!

These 2 pictures were taken 2 weeks apart. Both times Gavin had his hand by his ear. I'll bet he'll play with his hair or ear when he's tired - can't wait to see it in person!

22 weeks!

As far as pregnancy symptoms, as per my other pregnancies, I feel pretty good! I have no actual side effects that really bother me. I had mild nausea here and there in the first trimester but never threw up. Surprisingly, I have also been less exhausted than I was with my boys! They both still take a nap in the afternoon so I lay down and rest and 15 minute power nap is enough to get me through the day. I'm so thankful for easy pregnancies! Who knows what kind of pregnancy I would have if it was a girl, I'd probably be sicker than a dog, ha!

Gavin's due date is November 5th. It can't get here soon enough!

Friday, July 5, 2013


life rearranged

Owen started soccer! It's pretty adorable. Yes, it's a bit crazy to do soccer in the middle of summer in AZ but it's also crazy to stay cooped up in the house with a 3 and 4 year old!

His first game was last Saturday. All the kids took turns being a goalie. When Owen wasn't standing around with his jersey over his head, he was doing a great job hustling and dribbling the ball!

My 26th birthday was on the 15th. Ryan had classes the day before and most of my birthday, so Dad, Lynn and Jesse came to take me out for dinner. We went to my favorite mexican place - On the Border. The boys did great and we ended up visiting for 2 hours!

The morning of my birthday Ryan had to leave for school pretty early. He did leave a card and gift cards around the house and in the car for me to find! <3 p="">

After a fun morning of Zumba I headed to the mall with Ruth and my boys. She captured these shots of my boys loving on me. When Ryan got home from school we went out for a night on the town with Jeff & Ruth. Carrabba's for dinner (shocker) and then to see Man of Steel (laaame). Unfortunately I didn't get any pics that night. We were too busy having fun!

My birthday necklace arrived! It has the first initials of all 3 of my sons. I looove it and am almost afraid to wear it because it's so pretty and dainty!

We've been doing a lot of this lately: 

Because the weather has been like this lately:

So I've been drowning my sorrows in this lately: 

The other morning I came into the kitchen and saw Owen at the table quietly eating a breakfast that he had gotten out himself. He got his own bowl, spoon, poured his own cereal with milk, without making any mess. He just seemed so grown up to me in that moment!

Nana & Papa went with us to see Monsters University! Our movie theatre has new recliners with buttons to recline them up or down. You can imagine that kept our boys busy for a while, ha!

The 4th of July was a fun, nice family day. I made these festive pb&j's for the boys. 

Fireworks with the fam! See Austin and Lexie holding hands in the top pic?
Made a nice summer change from brown to blonde today!

And I'm not kidding, I really am going to get a pregnancy post up SOON!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Insta-Friday: May Addition

Linking up for Insta-Friday!

life rearranged
Here's what we've been up to this month: 

I had to laugh one Sunday this month because after we got to church I realized that both of my boys were a hot mess. Owen had put his shorts on backwards and was wearing 2 different shoes. 

Austin already had a goose egg on his forehead from the day before (an unfortunate run in with the refrigerator) and then as he was running into church he fell and got a bloody lip. This picture was taken several hours after the swelling had gone down. Oh well, at least we made it to church!

He won't want to snuggle with me forever. So grateful I have 2 very affectionate boys. 

Our weekends have been pretty eventful the past few weeks. A few Saturdays ago the power went out randomly in our neighborhood right in the middle of the day. The boys both woke up from their naps when everything turned off and came and went back to sleep in my bed. I admit, it was nice to have them to snuggle with! (They never sleep in our bed!)

When they woke up I put a movie on on my laptop. The power came back on a few hours later just as we were packing up to go to Nana and Papa's house to swim!

Then this last Friday, right before the 3 day weekend, our AC went out. It's around 100 these days in AZ so it was... unpleasant to not have AC! And nobody could come fix it until Tuesday because of the holiday. Finally on Wednesday we had someone come out and actually fix it. That was a looong 6 days but we made the best of it hopping between friends and family, swimming, shopping, anything to keep us out of the house!

Last week was Owen's last day of school. Doesn't he look so much bigger now than last August??

Austin and I had a little date before Owen got out of school. I just love this kid, he is such a joy to me!

Speaking of dates, Ryan and I went on a double date to celebrate Jeff's birthday. We had dinner at a pub and then to see the new Iron Man 3 which I LOVED. 

I take my movie candy seriously. I need options!

Mother's Day was wonderful. The boys spoiled me. That afternoon I indulged in a mani/pedi with Ruth. 

The day after Mother's Day, May 13th, was our 7 year anniversary! We celebrated at Carabba's, my favorite restaurant. If I had a pick a "last meal", this would be it. The lobster ravioli is to die for. Mmmmmmm. Ryan did not help me clear this plate one bit, it was allll me :)

Bump pics! This one is 16 weeks(ish)

This one is around 17. (Pardon the unmade bed. Real life.)

I've been daydreaming about this baby, especially wondering about the gender. Our big anatomy ultrasound is this Tuesday! I pulled out some of the boys' newborn clothes. It'd be a shame for all these clothes to go to waste... 

We spent Memorial Day at the outlet mall, then headed to my in-laws to celebrate my mother-in-law and niece's birthdays. Never a dull moment with these boys Spider Men!