Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Owen Turns 4!

Phew! I am finally getting Owen birthday pictures up! 

Owen Parker turned 4 on September 19th. He requested a "donut cake" for his birthday breakfast. Uhh, ok? Well, what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boys gets! He was perfectly happy with the donuts piled on top of each other and some candles on top!

Bubs had school that day (he took Angry Birds fruit snacks to celebrate with his class!) so after we picked him up we headed to lunch with Nana & Papa. Owen's favorite lunch food is cheese crisp so Mexican it was!

And he got a birthday ice cream sundae!

After lunch we headed home and Owen opened his cool Hot Wheels toy from Papa & Nana. 

After naps we went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. This is Owen's FAVORITE place that he talked about ever since we had his big friend/family birthday party here last year. Since it's his "off" year for a party (we do 1 big party per boy every other year) we had Jeff & Ruth and the kids come celebrate with us!

(thanks to Ruth for taking most of these photos!)

I just love their friendship!

Back to the house for cake, ice cream and presents

Innotab 2 from us

Owen, Owen, Owen. What can I say about Owen? He's affectionate, funny, silly, stubborn, sensitive, impulsive, curious, loyal, handsome, and a host of other things! He keeps us on our toes and we just love him. He's changing and growing so much which is so fun to see!

Owen loves hot wheels, Dr. Suess books, games on the iphone, taking pictures, family movie night, popcorn, cheese, his ASU jersey, lunch at Chick fil A, garage sale-ing, riding his Lightening McQueen bike, sips of my coffee, the beach, fireworks, and helping in the kitchen (especially if I'm making cookies or sweet tea!). He's crazy tall for his age and people constantly think he's older than he is. His speech therapy is coming along great and he's right on course to hit all of his speech goals for this year! I can't hardly get a word in edgewise these days, he has a running commentary on everything (including a random obsession with cacti, haha). No complaints here! He's very social and is constantly asking "who's coming over?" and "where are we going to go next?" Boy likes to be busy! He has a love/hate relationship with school and doesn't always want to go, but I think it's because he feels like he's missing out on whatever Austin and I are doing while he's gone. He does have lots of friends that he talks about from school and often gives hugs to his friends when I drop him off. Sweet boy!

Happy birthday, Owen Parker! I'm so glad you're mine!

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 on 10

ten on ten button small

I haven't done a "10 on 10" in a while. If you're not familiar with it, it's a fun project where, on the 10th day of the month, you take a photo for 10 consecutive hours. It's fun to find beauty in the ordinary things of life!

You're lucky today, because typically on Mondays I stay home and do housework/catch up from the weekend, so you would have seen 10 consecutive pictures of me doing laundry. Lame. But I had a hold at the library that they would charge me for if I didn't pick it up today, so I just swapped my typical Monday with my typical Tuesday and spent the day out and about!

6:36am. Breakfast for my early riser.

7:59 About to drop Owen off at preschool

8:26 A Starbucks date with Austin

9ish Building at the library

10:55 Quick stop at Trader Joe's

11:15 My view waiting to pick Owen up from school

Skipping 12 o'clock... crazy lunch time/putting the boys down for naps

1:30 Leftover cake calling my name.

2ish Just in case you think it's always roses and rainbows here... Owen woke up cranky today. Back to bed.

4:15 Dinner in the crock pot. (Stir fry veggies and turkey meatballs over brown rice)

5:30 Zumba with Ruth!

7pm Bath time to end the day. 

I love having these 10 on 10's to look back on. To think "oh yeah, that was what a normal day looked like when the boys were 2 and 3", or "I forgot the boys took naps at the same time back then". I want to remember and document these regular days so I can look back and see God's faithfulness through every season of my life, through every ordinary day. I truly am grateful to be a mom to these boys and a wife to Ryan. It's my dream come true, and though I often want to bang my head against a wall because it can be so hard, there is so much joy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Insta-Friday: Just a Few Quick Pics from My Week

life rearranged

I don't have much to report today, just a few quick pics from my phone. I had a very sick husband last week/weekend so I didn't pull my camera out too much. No need to document that! Ryan's all better now, thank heaven. It's no fun to see your Love not feeling well. 

September 1st - I took Owen on an early morning date to Starbucks. They have the fall drinks out now, which includes my absolute favorite drink of all time, a salted caramel mocha frappuccino. Mmmm.
(Owen got a donut. See?)

Later we took a nap together. It was fabulous.

Sunday night Ryan needed some cheering up (he was still sick). We watched Jim Gaffigan. Ryan fell asleep a few minutes into it but I thought it was hilarious!

Ruth and I met up at Costco, then got lunch with our boys in the food court. It went surprisingly well, considering we had 3 boys 3 and under!

I got to see Owen's school picture on his school ID. Isn't he darling?? I'm so glad the picture turned out! He's a cheeseball when it comes to taking pictures so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Doesn't he look so old?

Poor Austy had trouble with his ice cream cone. 

Last night it was cloudy, cool, and had the scent of rain in the air. The boys and I spent a good amount of time outside enjoying it. No need to bring back the summer weather, this will do just fine!

New mani: Case Study by Essie. Found this color at TJMaxx for $3.99! Much better than the usual $8. It's the perfect nude. 

A pretty uneventful week, as you can tell. We have a very full weekend to look forward to!