Friday, January 25, 2013


life rearranged
Whew, taking a few weeks off of blogging always comes back to bite me. I have lots to catch up on and probably the longest Insta-Friday of all time. However, my absense is not without good reason. We bought a house and moved 4 days before Christmas, and then early January Ryan started the MBA program at ASU. He studies hard and often and I have just been worn out at the end of the day!

Here's what we've been up to lately, in no particular order:

I have had Christmas withdrawals. I do every year but this year was especially hard because with moving we didn't have nearly enough free time to enjoy the holidays as much as I'd like. I didn't put everything away until after the New Year. 

Austin is full of personality. He's also quite a comic. You should hear some of the conversations we've had lately!

Me: "Austin, please say out of the kitchen. You may go play outside or in the play room, what would you like to do?"
Austin: "Ummmm..... APPLE JUICE!"
*Cue uproarious laughter. 

This is my view folding laundry in our bedroom. They really are buddies. 

We visited my family in Gilbert recently. It's awesome that my precious nephew Eli is only a few months younger than Austin. They've pretty much ignored each other until lately, now they're friends!

Since I have to deliver Owen to the inside of his preschool, I can't get away with wearing my pajamas to drop him off. A hat and hoodie is about as close as I can get to jammies on crazy mornings when we're running behind!

It was raining so we had an indoor picnic lunch. 

Twinsies. (Both are in the SUPERHERO phase). 

A large box. Enough said. 

Whoever invented bath crayons was (is?) a genius. Owen asked me to draw Auntie Ruth and then he sprayed the crayon off with a toy. Fun times. 

Family night at Chuck E. Cheese

I don't even have a caption for this. 

We ran into some firemen at the grocery store and they invited Austin to sit in their truck. He also got stickers. He was in heaven!

Our walks lately consist of Owen riding Austin's 10" bike (instead of his perfectly good 16" bike) and Austin riding Owen's scooter. When you have boys just a little over a year and a half apart, everything is pretty much interchangeable. 

I love getting dressed on Sundays. I get to wear my pretty things. 

I babysat 3 sweet little girls last week. Austin took special interest in the baby, Kyra. He was SO sweet and gentle with her, it melted my heart. See his little arm around her?

We should really give him a baby to love on soon. 

Some days ya gotta look cute, even if you're only babysitting and going to the grocery store. 

Owen had a blast at a birthday party last weekend. This is the last picture I took before I ran out of storage space on my phone, haha. 

I made home made salsa for the first time. It was easy, delicious, and I will definitely be making it again soon. Even better with Tostito's Cantina Thin & Crispy Chips. They tasted like Chili's chips. I got the recipe here

Bubs has a cough, fever and runny nose. He requested a smoothie and the closest I could get without dragging both boys to the store for ingredients was Dutch Brothers. They have yummy fruit smoothies. And I got a coffee. Win/Win. 

Ryan's at school so I had a little movie night with the boys. Ice Age and chocolate chip cookies. 

If you've made it this far, you deserve a medal!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

The Jones family