Friday, April 19, 2013


life rearranged

I guess I didn't really make an official announcement on here, but, we're pregnant! I'm 11 weeks now and we have a due date of November 5th. However, both of my boys were born 5 days past their due date so I'm really thinking we'll meet this baby on November 10th, haha. I'll do a separate pregnancy post soon. 

I noticed the beginnings of a baby bump a few weeks ago around 9 1/2 weeks! 3rd kids don't mess around!

Last week I got to grocery shop all alone. I grabbed a Starbucks too. It was soo nice to take my time! I usually have my boys (or at least 1 of them) with me when I shop so this was a treat. 

I hit up some garage sales with the boys and was able to start our game collection on the cheap! Candy Land was a hit with both boys, Owen loved Guess Who, but Sorry seemed a bit too complicated. We'll hold off on that one for a bit. 

Owen initiated a big post-naptime snuggle with his brother. 

I'm all about quick and easy recipes lately since my energy level is, well, low. This recipe for chicken ranch tacos was a hit at our house. It's going on our rotation!

Speaking of quick and easy, I whipped up these 4 ingredient peanut butter cookies last weekend. They were really good!

Boy, parenting is not for the faint of heart. Yesterday the boys were bored and getting into trouble and I just knew I had to drop what I was doing and get us out of the house. We headed to the park for a bit and it was just what we needed. I captures this picture of Owen talking to a "big kid" in his adorable, shy way and was reminded what a sweet, precious, handsome kid he is.

Friday afternoon my "nephews" (Luke and Joel) came over. We had so much fun having snacks, playing with peanut butter play doh, splashing in the pool and having brownies during our Peter Pan movie night.

I got a cute ring in the mail today. There's this great shop I came across on Instagram (I'm NaeMaeLynn) called The Splendor Shop and sometimes she has these "Insta-sales" so I grabbed this beauty for $6 shipped. It's a great pop of color for my monochromatic wardrobe!

up next: more on baby #3

Friday, April 12, 2013

10 on 10 - April

Whoops! Did NOT mean to take such a long blogging break...

Oh well. I'll try harder!

ten on ten button

I really enjoy having the 10 on 10 posts to look back on so since Wednesday is usually a pretty relaxing day I knew I could remember to take pictures - and even then, I only got 9, ha!

My morning routine: breakfast and Bible

Jeans from this winter are already too short on Austin. Growth spurt much?

I always started my morning with hot coffee until I became pregnant - then I lost the taste for it. This morning I decided to try again. Nope, still can't hack it! LOVE iced coffee though!

Had the McPhats over for our weekly Wednesday play date. (Hint: you'll be seeing them again)

During lunch Austin was pushing grapes in to his pb&h. Silly. 

Ahh, naptime. I close the blinds, catch up on blogs, did a little planning for Austin's birthday party, and watched Dan in Real Life. I tried to get a little cat nap in but a certain somebody didn't take a nap so I couldn't risk it. Coudn't afford to have a whole roll of toilet paper flushed down the toilet while I was snoozing (true story).

Played a little soccer outside with this one. He had been playing in the hose so he's nakey :)

We had the McFaddens over for dinner. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had chips and dip, pineapple, watermelon, and ice cream. I called it our "Welcome to Spring" cookout. It was fun! Dinner time is always a little crazy though with 4 boys 4 and under!

Later that evening Ruth and I headed to our Zumba class! Woot! Still loving Zumba and have no desire to quit any time soon, baby bump or not!