Friday, April 12, 2013

10 on 10 - April

Whoops! Did NOT mean to take such a long blogging break...

Oh well. I'll try harder!

ten on ten button

I really enjoy having the 10 on 10 posts to look back on so since Wednesday is usually a pretty relaxing day I knew I could remember to take pictures - and even then, I only got 9, ha!

My morning routine: breakfast and Bible

Jeans from this winter are already too short on Austin. Growth spurt much?

I always started my morning with hot coffee until I became pregnant - then I lost the taste for it. This morning I decided to try again. Nope, still can't hack it! LOVE iced coffee though!

Had the McPhats over for our weekly Wednesday play date. (Hint: you'll be seeing them again)

During lunch Austin was pushing grapes in to his pb&h. Silly. 

Ahh, naptime. I close the blinds, catch up on blogs, did a little planning for Austin's birthday party, and watched Dan in Real Life. I tried to get a little cat nap in but a certain somebody didn't take a nap so I couldn't risk it. Coudn't afford to have a whole roll of toilet paper flushed down the toilet while I was snoozing (true story).

Played a little soccer outside with this one. He had been playing in the hose so he's nakey :)

We had the McFaddens over for dinner. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had chips and dip, pineapple, watermelon, and ice cream. I called it our "Welcome to Spring" cookout. It was fun! Dinner time is always a little crazy though with 4 boys 4 and under!

Later that evening Ruth and I headed to our Zumba class! Woot! Still loving Zumba and have no desire to quit any time soon, baby bump or not!

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