Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: May

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We had a pretty typical Thursday. 

7ish - Breakfast. Cinnamon Sugar Toast

8ish: Heading to the gym for Zumba

9ish: The boys being silly with my phone

10ish: Monitoring Owen in the bathroom.

11ish: At Chick fil A. Ruth and I have been coming here with our kids every Thursday for almost 3 years! A lot of the staff knows us by name. Love it. 
I had to get this pic because Owen wore his sunglasses the entire time. He loves those things! (Too bad we forgot them there. Gotta go pick them up tomorrow.)

1ish: Naptime treat for me (Thanks Ruth!!)

Skipping ahead to 4ish: Making Peanut Butter Blossoms with Owen while Austin is napping. 

5ish: Quick visit at Nana & Papa's house to see the tractor digging their pool. Pretty darn cool. We also made a quick visit 2 doors down to visit Tara and the kids. 

6ish: Grabbing dinner. We have community group at our house tonight so pizza it is!

10 on 10 is a really fun challenge for me. Not so much to improve my photography (I just use my camera phone) but to capture and document the mundane but sweet moments of my life with my boys.  The little things are the best things :)

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