Thursday, May 3, 2012

Austin's 2nd Birthday Party

On Sunday, April 29th, we celebrated this little boy's 2nd birthday. We had a casual party at the park and it was really fun! 

Unfortunately I didn't take a single picture, but Dad did! So these are all courtesy of him and Tara, who took some of these pics while she was playing around with Dad's "old school" Nikon. 

My handsome little brother Jesse

"Helping" with the matches - yikes! Aren't the cupcakes cute? Ruth made them for me. 

Dad's wife Lynn chatting with the ladies. 

Precious face

Sharing a "sip" with me

The ladies - Becky (sis in law), me, Emily (Jesse's gf), Lynn

All the kids had fun in the sand. Here's Austy with cousin Eli, who has his own 2nd birthday coming up!

 Sandy, sweaty adorable mess. 


Cousin Drew blowing bubbles

Cousin Bella

Austin has been a huge joy to this family. He's very friendly and says hi to about everybody he sees. He frequently follows kids around asking for a hug. He has lots of words and is quite vocal. He's sweet and silly. He adores ketchup and condiments of any kind. He and Owen (or O-wie, as he calls him) are best buds and partners in crime and are learning to share with each other :)

Austin Caleb, I can't stop kissing on you and thanking God for my precious boy. You are loved!

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