Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend. Friday we spent time with the cousins. Owen and Austin think Trevor's the coolest thing since sliced bread. Here they are watching Trev play PS3. They were so still and quiet, I think this was the most relaxing part of my day!

Since our CA vacation is about 6ish weeks away, I decided to keep a closer eye on what I'm eating, so I started my "Carlsbad diet." This MyFitnessPal app is awesome! I can easily keep track of what I eat. It also has a nifty bar code scanner so I can scan any item and the nutritional info uploads straight to the app!

We've been trying out some new healthy meals lately. On a bed of spinach, strawberries, shredded chicken and toasted walnuts, I put a drizzle of this Balsamic Glaze from Trader Joe's. It is soooo good, I've found lots of other things I can put this on! Yum.

Also, these energy bites that I made from Pinterest are super delicious. And addicting. 

Ok, enough about food. This weekend we visited the mall and of course rode on the carousel. 

I also did a little shopping and got this new top from Forever21. (It's a lot brighter in person!)

The boys have been their usual cute, feisty selves. 

Saturday morning Owen watched I Love Lucy with me for a bit. He was entranced! It made me so proud because this is probably my favorite show. Some day I'd love to own all of the episodes on DVD so I can watch them whenever I want. 

Sunday after church we had our in-laws over for dinner. We visited and I got some ironing done. A nice, relaxing way to end our nice, relaxing weekend!


Andrea said...

first of all - isn't MyFitnessPal great?? i totally used it last summer and lost 10lbs just by changing the way that i ate! it was super helpful!

second of all - i used to have this EXACT background on my blog! isn't it ADORABLE? i loved the bright colors. especially the green in the middle. that was my favorite part. :)

Genn said...

That last pic is just too cute!

Thanks for leaving me a blog comment! My instagram name is gennerallyspeaking. What is yours? I would love to follow you on there too! I usually just ignore requests if I have no idea who it is, so just be sure I know it's you! :)

Yummy looking eats in this post too!

Have a great night! :)