Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

~ We had Taylor, our niece, over tonight. Owen absolutely adores her, and she him. She's so much fun. After she went down her and Uncle Ryan played chess. So fun to watch.

~ Coffee Bean had a great promo going on today; a free holiday drink between 4pm and 8pm. I took advantage of this and got myself a Blended Peppermint Mocha. Twice.

~ Scored some great deals while out shopping today. First of all, Tara told me about this second hand store for kids called Kids to Kids. It's right by where I work so I went to check it out, and took a box of kids clothing that I intended to sell at a garage sale. Lo and behold, they wanted to buy some of my items so I ended up getting a $20 credit to the store. I got Owen 2 pair of Converse (black and red), along with some grey Hurley jeans, a cute grey pinstriped Old Navy button down, and one other Hurley shirt. All for $20!

Then I headed to Kohl's. I had a $10 gift card that I received in the mail, along with a $5 email coupon. SO, I pretty much had $15 free dollars. I also got an additional 20% off for using my Kohl's card. Walked out of there with two sweaters for Owen and one for Bella with just $5 out of pocket. I LOVE a good deal! And I didn't even get to Old Navy - I have this great coupon just waiting to be used - works with their clearance items too!

~ Now waiting for The Office to download so I can kick back and relax. The weekend can't get here soon enough!

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