Sunday, November 22, 2009

BIG day

Tomorrow is the big day... my ultrasound!!! Boy, or girl?!? Ryan and I are so excited to find out. For me, finding out the gender is the BEST part of being pregnant. It's also when I feel like the real bonding begins... calling the baby by name, getting to feel the kicks, I love it all.

Part of me is convinced I'm having a girl, but I thought Owen was a girl too, so my instinct is not reliable. I would love to have a girl, just so I know for sure that I get to have the the joy of the daughter relationship. However, a little brother for Owen would be tooooo cute. Plus, since they will only be 19 months apart, I'm sure they would be close. Of course I'm sure he'd be best buddies with a little sister too... as my mother in law says, you just can't lose either way!

SO anyway, our appointment is tomorrow at 1pm. Pray for a happy healthy baby! And I'll update my blog soon with our news!!

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Doug said...

my money is on a girl.