Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick Update

Just thought I'd post a quick update. I'm now about 38 1/2 weeks and feeling pretty good, considering. I've become a homebody, not wanting to be out in the heat alot, and wanting to stay comfortable as much as I can. My doctors appointments have been every week for the past few weeks. There hasn't really been any news as far as dilation. I had an appointment today and my blood pressure was on the high side, 144 over 80 something. We are going to keep an eye on that and do some tests to know more. I have never had any problem with blood pressure during the pregnancy, up until this point. Weird.

It could be any minute now... although I'm preparing my heart for seeing my due date come and go - I hear most first babies are late. Two weeks really isn't that far away tho! Ryan and I are getting so excited. I think we're in shock that Owen will be with us so soon. Please pray for a healthy baby and a safe delivery... the end is near!


Heather said...

I'm praying for a smooth delivery when Owen is ready to come and I'm hoping that it is sooner rather than later... Babies come when they are ready and when it happens it is a GLORIOUS thing, even if they make us wait longer than we think they should! ;)

tara said...

praying for you! Call me today if you hear anything more.

I can't wait to meet baby Owen!

Charlotte said...

I am so excited for you! I know he will be beautiful! Can't wait to meet him!!!