Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Overdue

So we haven't received a call from the hospital yet. Because of this, I made an appointment with my doctor today to check on the baby. This is a different doctor than I saw on Monday. It seems like with different doctors come different news.

Ryan called into the hospital this morning. They had no updates but said they were hopeful we could get in before the weekend, Monday at the latest. It turns out, after talking to my doctor today, that because I'm still only about between 1 and 2 cm the "induction" is actually...I'll spare the details... just going to be them giving me something to help with the cervix. Then they will send me home for a few days and schedule for me to come back for the official induction. Of course this is assuming I don't go into labor on my own in the next few days. All of this is confusing, especially since I am hearing different things from different doctors.

My doctor did have me do a Non Stress Test to make sure the baby is doing well, which he is. This gives me peace to know he is safe to continue in there for a few more days if need be.

All your prayers are appreciated. It feels like this has been a long road with no end in sight, and although I know Owen will come in the perfect time, until we get there, it's a constant battle for me to be joyful - instead I feel weary and frustrated. I never imagined going past 40 weeks, and I think I may set a new record - (one I didn't want to set) among my friends for the longest pregnancy. Nora, I think I'll have you beat around 7:30pm tonight, and Carrie, weren't you 5 days overdue? - I hope you get to keep your spot in first place!


Tiffany said...

I am praying for you and Owen! Can't wait to see pictures on here and know that he has arrived!

Stephanie said...

That is confusing! I'm pretty sure I've heard of women having healthy babies 7-10 days after their due date. (It is just an estimate, right?!) I said that to be helpful. But maybe it's not helping. Sorry. Maybe if we all cheer him on - O-WEN O-WEN O-WEN....

CarrieLovesKeith said...

I'm so sorry, Danae... I know that is really really hard to just keep waiting! It sounds like you are really battling to be joyful, and God is honored in the battle!

If you are desperate for practical ideas, I took Evening Primrose OIl capsules (you can find them at Sprouts) and took like 3 a day, and drank raspberry leaf tea, and that totally worked. I did that with CJ and it really helped things get going, and with Bo, I started even earlier, and he was 2 weeks early. But, I know that doesn't necessarily work for everyone... just in case you're in the "I'll do anything to get this started" mindset :~)

He will be here soon! I will keep praying for you as you wait! God sees you!