Monday, September 15, 2008

40 week Update

Appointment went well this morning. We had an ultrasound first thing, the baby is doing great. He is head down, in good position. Pretty cramped, tho :). He is measuring about 7 lbs 6 oz, give or take.

Still about 1 cm or so. She stripped my membranes so I'm hoping that gets things rolling. And, here's the big news. If I don't go into labor here in the next few days they've scheduled me for an induction on Wednesday at 4:30pm. There is an end in sight!

That's the update. Please keep us in prayer as we walk through these next few days and prepare for parenthood! We can't wait to meet Owen!

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Tabitha said...

Congrats hun! Your little bundle of joy will be here soon! I am so sorry I couldnt make it to the shower but hopefully I will get to meet the little guy! Be sure and post plenty of pics. Good luck with your delivery, I know you will be a wonderful mom. :)