Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Birth Story

It began Thursday afternoon. I had just had a doctors appointment. There had been no real progress - still about 1 cm and 40% effaced. I was 4 days overdue, so they did a Non Stress Test, the baby was doing great and I wasn't having contractions. I left the office feeling like I would never have the baby!

Later that afternoon my friend Raigan offered to come over and do a pressure point pregnancy massage. We weren't convinced it would work, but were happy to hang out with each other. No great expectations. About half an hour after she left, around 5 o'clock, I started having what I thought might be mild contractions. They were coming every 5 minutes. Ryan and I had plans to meet his parents for dinner, so we went ahead and met them. The contractions kept coming through the meal, so we decided to walk around outside for a bit after dinner.

After a long walk, we decided to head home. If the contractions didn't subside after resting for a while, we would go to the hospital. Around 10:30 I told Ryan I didn't think they were going away and that this may be the real thing. Off we went to the hospital!

When we got there we were told to walk around for an hour because I still hadn't dialated more. We walked for an hour, came back. I had made a little more progress, but not much. We were told to walk again for an hour. By the end of that hour the contractions were really intense. It was about 3 in the morning at this point and I was exhausted and the contractions were between 2 and 3 minutes apart. After that hour I was finally admitted at 3 and a half cm and given an epidural.

Contraction moniter

Very shortly after the epidural I shot up to 5 and a half cm, and stayed there for a while. I was given a small amound of Pitocin to move things along. We made calls to the family and rested for a few hours. I was checked again around 9am or so and was 9 cm! Around 10:30 I called the nurse in and told her I thought it was time to push. After pushing for almost an hour, Owen Parker made his way into the world at 11:45am. 8lbs 5oz, 21 1/2 inches!

Proud Dad

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