Friday, August 22, 2008

Full Term

Happy full term baby to me,
Happy full term baby to me
Happy full term baby to meeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy full term baby to me!

Whoo hoo, 37 weeks! The is a big milestone for me. Now I know if my little guy were born he has a great chance of being perfectly healthy with no problems. It's just a waiting game from here on out!

I'm trying to find things to keep me busy. His nursery is about 92% complete. We are having wood blinds installed on Monday, and I still want to work on one little project for one of his walls. Hopefully those will both be done this week, then I'll post pictures of his adorable room, my new favorite room in the house.

I think I'm ready to be done with this pregnant thing and meet my son!

P.S. I know Owen's birthday is getting pretty darn close when we have a carton of milk that expires after his due date.


CarrieLovesKeith said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Are you sure the room is 92% finished? Not 91% or 93%? ;~)

I used to think the same thing about groceries that expire after the due date, or events that we had on the calendar for after the birth... so fun!

Ruth said...

YAY!! happy 37!!
It's one of those weird time went by so fast/but it seems like you've been pregnant forever feelings.
Can't wait to meet him :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Make sure to post or have someone post pics soon after he is born b/c I want to see him!!! I have been thinking of and praying for you and your little family!

Shianna said...

hehe- i love u nae- can't wait 2 meet my new best friend :-)
love yu lots!!