Friday, August 31, 2012


life rearranged

I tried to do a better job this week of taking pictures of things other than my kids and food... 

but it didn't work. 

Oh well. 

I've decided that Tuesday mornings are me and Austin's "date mornings". We'll do something fun together. This week, we went shoe shopping (for him) and then spent some time at a coffee shop. 

Hat twins

Saturday I got out by myself for a few hours. It was glorious! I shopped a bit, went to Trader Joe's by myself, and spend some time reading at Starbucks. It was so relaxing. 

Sunday after church we went out to lunch as a family. It was so fun and the boys were great. As long as Owen had a dang quesadilla and Austin has some salsa, they were happy campers!

The boys' favorite book lately. I think I've read it approximately 44783787483729 times. And they still laugh like it's the first time. 

Owen's new kicks. He's a 12 now.  (A twelve!!)

Rough day at school, apparently. The next day I got another notice that there had been exposure to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease! I need to buckle up for all the potential sickness that comes with a kiddo in school.

On a hot afternoon, I made this recipe for peanut butter play doh. The boys loved it! I threw the leftover dough into a container in the fridge, I plan to pull it out again soon!

When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, my mouth began to water. I knew I needed to make this ASAP! I'm glad I did because it was SO good! And yay for home made dough!

This was the first time I had ever used the kneading blade thingy. I felt like such a grown up.

Yummy finished product.

Owen had his school pictures this week so I took him to get a haircut. He did awesome and we had time to spare before bedtime so we took a walk around the Dollar Tree nearby. Owen loved this place! I told him he could pick one thing. It was so cute and fun to follow him around while he tried to decide. The final purchase was a bag of ring pops. He has asked several times since then to go back!


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Malory Holmes said...

cute pics!!! looks like you had a great and fun week :) have a great weekend! (stopping by from life rearranged)