Friday, August 17, 2012

Insta-Friday: A Peek into My Week

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We had a movie night one night. Popcorn, blankies and Megamind. 

I made cookies on several occasions. I love having a tub of Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough to eat bake on a whim.

Since Owen started school, I've found myself with time to spare in the car. What can I say, I'm prompt. You'll probably be seeing a lot more pictures like these. 

Family night at my dad's house. He threw a couple bags of ice in the water in an attempt to cool it down. It didn't work, but it kept the kids pretty entertained. 

Austin and I are finding our new groove while O's in school. On Wednesday we went to the gym, grabbed a latte, and played play-doh. 

Had a sweet coffee date with my mom in law. Tried a white mocha latte for the first time, stirred the whip into it for some extra sweetness. I think I found my new favorite Sbucks drink. 

This morning dawned overcast and rainy, a welcomed relief from the 110+ degree weather. I thought it called for chocolate chip pancakes. 

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