Friday, August 24, 2012


life rearranged

Here's a few pictures from my phone documenting our week!

Owen hadn't been in school for 4 days when he got his first birthday invitation! A little girl in his class wanted him to be at her birthday party. He was the only one in his class invited - she said "Owen's my only friend at school". She's such a sweet little girl, and is really taken with Owen. At school she insists on holding his hand everywhere, a bit to Owen's chagrin. He had lots of fun at her birthday party Saturday.  

Owen and Micaela. 

Sunday morning - the boys found themselves in dual time out. I was trying not to laugh!

Audio/CD books have been a great way to keep them entertained in the afternoon without having to turn on the tv. Dr. Seuss is a favorite of ours. 

Monday after we dropped Owen off at school, I had some things to get at Target. I let Austin just walk around and look at all the toys. He pushed every button on every toy he could reach. It was really cute and pretty relaxing! Nowhere to be, a couple of hours to kill. 

Wednesday Austy and I had a Starbucks date. Time with just the two of us has been so good for us! I'm enjoying getting to know him more and getting more quality time with him. He's so fun and so sweet. 

Does it seem like I bond with my kids over food a lot? Haha! Sharing chocolate milk after a nap. 

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CreativeChretin said...

I'm totally going to look into the audio-book thing at the library! That's a great idea.