Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ordinary Day

Some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that document the memories of every day life. So I thought I'd be extra intentional today about getting some pictures of my day with my boys!

Owen is a morning person. I don't know where he gets it. Here's his new cheesy camera face!

Austin hangin' on the couch
He's super cute, even when he's fussy!
Owen entertained himself by collecting things around the bathroom.
Later, he was sporting my rad bracelet around his foot as an anklet - he's so fashion forward! :p
My sweet, sweet Austin taking a nap. Those cheeks melt me!
We headed out to Old Navy to get Owen a new swimsuit. Funny story - Owen loves to see this dog mannequin every time we come here. Well today, I decided right after I took this picture to let him out of his stroller to get a closer look the the dog. To make a long story short, Owen ended up accidentally knocking the little girl mannequin which started a chain reaction and knocked down the entire display of mannequins!! I was mortified, but the sales lady just laughed. She told me she had two kids of her own and not to worry about it. Needless to say, I think I'll keep Owen in his stroller from now on!
After ON we walked to the nearby coffee shop with my friend Ruth and her son (and Owen's bf) Luke. I think Owen is making this face when I told his it's mommy's turn for a sip. Ha!
Ruth and Luker
All of us!
After our errands I brought Owen home to take a nap. He never actually went to sleep, just played in his room quietly for a few hours.

He would rather try on Daddy's shoes!

And drank from the squirt bottle like it was a sippy cup

When Ryan finished work, we headed out to the store to buy my dad's birthday present. Sorry, no pictures - can't give away the gift!

Then we came home and had a yummy dinner of BBQ chicken, corn and baked potatoes.
Bedtime for O-boy.
It was a wonderfully ordinary day :)


Erin said...

Your little boys are so sweet! I love reading about & seeing pictures of other Mommy's days too! Thanks for sharing! : )

Stephanie said...

Love it! You're right, so often we neglect to take photos of those "ordinary" moments, but those are so precious later on!

Weird question for you: Did you take pics, etc. the next day after you had that idea? Or did you look at the calendar and choose an ordinary day to document? (Like "hmmm...tomorrow's going to be kind of an unusual day...maybe I should wait until Thursday.") Or do I just overthink things? ;)