Friday, November 2, 2012


I have quite a few pictures to share!

Last week Ryan and I took a wonderful, romantic, relaxing 24 hour getaway to Scottsdale. 

For lunch we ate at my favorite lunch spot, Sauce. 

We saw a movie, Taken 2. Exhilarating and predictable, just how I like it. 

We did some shopping. 

And more shopping

And more shopping. Like my new hat? Thanks, Ryan. 

Friday after we picked up the kids we headed to Schnepf Farms with Papa & Mimzy. 

I think the boys would have stayed in the pumpkin patch the whole time if we let them. They're both obsessed with pumpkins. Owen has slept with both a real and a plastic pumpkin in the last week, if that's any indication. 

Austin had his first "ride" with me. It was a fun bumblebee ride. He started panicking when we got on, I could feel his little heart racing! I cuddled him and he calmed down. He actually enjoyed it!

Watching the pig races

Saturday evening was Owen's school's fall festival. 

We painted pumpkins, did some fun activities, got kettle corn and sno cones. 

Afterwards Jeff and Ruth came over and we carved pumpkins and ate grilled cheese. 
So fun. Love those spontaneous evenings. 

The boys seem to find themselves in duel time outs these days. They're partners in crime! I was trying not to laugh...

Sunday outfit. Pinterest inspired!

Sunday lunch with Nana & Papa. We went to this yummy Mexican place. Austin eats salsa like a boss. This kid is allllll about condiments. 

Random cute picture I took with Joel. He's the closest thing to a baby I have to snuggle right now! 

These two. Cousins and best buds. 

Speaking of buds... 

Phew! That was a lot. And things are only going to get busier now that we're at the forefront of the holiday season. Know what will get me through some of those busy days?

Red cups, baby! The Holidays are here!

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