Friday, October 12, 2012


life rearranged

It's been awhile since I've done Insta-Friday so I have a ton of photos to dump on you. Let's get started. 

The weather in AZ finally got with the program and it's starting to feel fallish. The other morning I found Owen sitting out on the back porch, just hangin' out. 

We've been venturing out a little more

and leaving the screen door open.

Cuddling. We both had Benadryl in the morning because both of us had a major reaction to ant bites and we were miserable. Then we took a rest on the couch while Owen was at school. 

I love living 1 minute away from my BFF. Thanks for the egg, Ruth. 

Austin took over my dry erase calendar. 

Sometimes you just need a poptart. That's what I always say. 

Birthday presents are the best.

Read away, buddy. There's good stuff in there. (Jesus Storybook Bible)

Shopping with my main man. Yay for boots weather!

Oh, Austin. Stay out of the Aquofor, will ya? Especially right before we're supposed to leave to pick Owen up from school.

Take that, Tuesday funk. 

Those are some expensive "stickers", Owen.

Spaghetti O's and grilled cheese on a busy fall night

On my way to a Parent-Teacher conference. I felt like such a grown up. 

Next Up: Owen's 4th birthday and a trip to the zoo!

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