Friday, October 19, 2012

Insta-Friday: Bangs, Pumpkins and Park Days, Oh My!

life rearranged

So glad it's Friday. My day did not start out the best. {4 fillings. First dental procedure EVER. Ouch.} So glad that's over, now let the weekend begin! 

Here's a peek into our week! 

We are quite enjoying our "cooler" fall days. My pumpkin candle is often burning, we're baking all the time, and I'm enjoying starting my mornings with the yummiest coffee. 

Welcome, fall. 'Bout time. 

I also celebrated fall with a new haircut - bangs!

We've been spending much more time outside. 

Hooray for park days!

Owen and his BFF Luke

Austin found a softball at the park. Oh joy!

I love my husband, especially in his goofy moments! He gave Jeff a nice short ride in the wagon. 
Guess we never really grow up, do we?

I'm about a season late on this purchase, but I've been meaning to get one of these babies and I keep forgetting - until today! I make it like my mama did. Sweet tea with lemon!

Little pumpkin craft for the boys. They had so much fun sharing paint colors and trying to paint every inch of their pumpkins! Too bad, as they dried, the paint peeled right off of the pumpkins. I'm trying to market it as a "clean it off, let's paint it again!" scheme. Ya know, reusable pumpkins. 

That's all I have for this week. Starting next week our schedule is going to be crazy. We have lots to look forward to: the zoo, the fair, the pumpkin patch, a getaway for Ryan and me, to name a few. Stay tuned, I'll try to keep this 'ol blog up to date!

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