Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breakfast Blunder and a Quote

The boys have been keeping me on my toes lately. 

So the rule in our house is that when Owen (our early bird) wakes up (at 5:30) he may come out of his room to go potty and then he needs to go back to his room, turn on his light, and play quietly until his clock says 6. That's when we get up. 

Yesterday morning, I woke up to Owen in the kitchen. Here's what he arranged for himself for breakfast. 

A tub of Tollhouse cookie dough, a container of strawberry cream cheese (which he was eating with a butter knife!!) and a yogurt for added nutrition

I was trying not to laugh. 

Then this afternoon, after getting Austin up from his nap, I saw that he actually had not napped at all but had spent his nap time out of his crib pulling every pack of wipes out of a Costco box, pulling the sticker opening off, and putting individual wipes back into the box. 

Funny that around this time I saw this quote. I think it helped me have a gracious response to all of these training moments that happen with my boys throughout the day!

As a mom I just totally agree that it's easy for circumstances to dictate my attitude about the day. To dictate my joy. It's a Tuesday afternoon and my kids are bored and getting into everything while I put away laundry? It's a bad day. A Saturday afternoon running errands as a family with the windows rolled down, Starbucks in hand, and the kids are behaving? It's a good day!

But God really wants to get after my heart. In those frustrating moments where I feel like if I have to clean up one more mess I'm going to scream, God wants my heart. He wants me to look to HIM to be my strength and my joy, despite my circumstances. He wants me to love my children with the love of 1 Corinthians 14:4. Not in my own power, but in His. God's word promises that he will give me the strength in those moments to die to myself and honor Him, to be joyful and happy despite any trying situation because He is my joy. 

Praise God for these little moments to trust Him. He's still working on me!

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