Monday, April 16, 2012

Appointments and the weekend

Last week Owen had a few appointments that kept us busy. On Wednesday he had a speech evaluation. He had previously had a speech/vision/hearing screening that I set up because I was concerned about where he was with his speech. After over an hour of evaluation (playing word games/puzzles, asking questions, talking) it was determined that he does have a bit of a delay and they qualified him for speech therapy. It was determined that we will put him in preschool when school starts in August. The therapist will come to class and have sessions with Owen and other speech therapy qualified kids in his class. And all this is free! Between the therapist and being around other kids this regularly, that should increase his vocabulary and get him where he needs to be!

Thursday we had an appointment to follow up with the test Owen had done a few months ago to check his kidney reflux. Praise God, he's almost completely grown out of it! No more invasive V.C.U.G. tests or mornings at the children's hospital. They did see a small diverticula on the kidney ultrasound, but the doctor is not concerned about it. We will just have a follow up kidney ultrasound in a year to make sure it's not growing. 

After those appointments, we were ready to have some fun. 

The boys are obsessed with bugs these days. Whether it's an ant in the sand, a stray cricket in the house, or a grasshopper in the garage, they remained entertained until their specimen is, well, dead. 

Here's the grasshopper in the garage.

Friday night was girls night with Ruth. We hit Applebees and then saw Titanic 3D. 

Saturday was cousin Michael's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. My boys had a blast and were so good!

Cousin Madi!

Michael, the birthday boy!

Me and Aunt Susan. Love her.

Saturday night was my hot date with my man. Red Lobster and Starbucks!

My first ever vanilla latte. Too coffee-y for me.

Well, hello, Mr. Hottie McHotterson. 

Sunday we laid low, went to church, grocery shopped, relaxed. I enjoyed my very last Snickers egg. 

Goodbye, Snickers eggs. I'll see you next Easter. 


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