Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I've been putting off posting an update on my pregnancy because I don't have any recent pictures, but then I realized pictures aren't a necessity :) I will try to remember to post a recent one soon anyways.

Austin is due in 9 days!!! I can't believe it. It has been such a busy season in our lives that it hasn't really hit me yet. I'd like to get through this weekend because we have some fun things planned. Then, I'm ready to go anytime! Because I was 5 days overdue with Owen I'm not optimistic that I'll deliver too early. My due date is April 24th but my best guess is that I will have Austin at 2 days overdue this time around. Of course, I've been much more active with this pregnancy since I'm chasing around my 1 1/2 year old, so maybe that will speed up my progress!

My appointments have been going well. I go in every Tuesday. I've made a little progress, dilated to 1cm and a little bit effaced, and the baby is low and ready to go. Just a matter of time now.

Everything is pretty much ready and waiting for Baby. Changing table is stocked with newborn diapers, pajamas are neatly folded, diaper bag is packed, bassinet is ready and waiting next to my bed. We just need Austin!

I'm in no big rush this time around, while I'm excited to meet my second son, I'm soaking in the last days of it just being the three of us. Letting go of this season with just Owen has been emotional and a little bit difficult, but I know in the long run he will love have a little brother and a friend. Poor thing doesn't know what's about to hit him! We're keeping busy making memories and sharing special Mommy/Son time.

I'll try and update as things progress...

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Savanna said...

I miss you all so much!!
I know tara gets 1st dibs ;)
Just promise me you'll come down for a visit so I'll get to do a photoshoot of this little guy k?
love <3 van