Saturday, April 24, 2010

Due Date

It's my due date today. Because I saw my due date come and go when I was pregnant with Owen, I'm not surprised to not be holding my baby today. Hopefully soon though!

So far we've had the perfect Saturday. Ryan got up with Owen this morning, we hung around the house and played, went to Starbucks as a family and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, came home, made lunch, and took a walk to the park where we had a picnic. It's been a wonderful day, the last Saturday together as a family of three. But man, I look forward to when Austin will be here with us! I can't wait to hold my sweet boy :)

I've had some mild Braxton Hicks, mostly when I'm active and walking. They're no guarantee that labor is around the corner, but you never know! I've purposed to be patient and enjoy the fun guessing game that is going into labor. I do feel pretty great for now. Just eager! Ryan and I are so excited! Any minute now!

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