Thursday, January 22, 2009

Johnny Jump Up

We got this great new Johnny Jump Up from my sister-in-law. Thanks Tara! We put Owen in it last night. He was a little grumpy to begin with, but seemed to like it ok. However, when he got really going with his little legs and was bouncing all over the place, he almost bounced his little head right into the doorframe. Hmm. Ladies? Mommies out there, is there a way I can avoid a little Johnny Jump Up collision? Am I using it right?


Brandy said...

Honestly - we could never figure out how to make ours work safely, so we gave up. But my nephew apparently LIVED in his...13years ago! Good luck. It might have to do with where you attach it - if there is somewhere other than a small doorway you could put it.

Stephanie said...

Um, maybe a helmet--?