Monday, January 19, 2009

4 Months

Owen Parker is four months old today. Boy, have the past few months flown by! Owen seems much more like a baby baby and less like a newborn. He's developing such a personality. He's so fun!

I don't have any stats on him quite yet. His four month appointment is scheduled for Friday, so I will post them then.

Now, for some Owen updates.

He enjoys his walker every now and then, but much prefers to just be held. Not a very independent baby.

He has started to put absolutely everything in his mouth

Here he is entertaining Great Grandpa Lin

Big smiles for mom :]

Just look at this sweet face! It melts me every day

Discovering fingers

His little feet are crossed at the ankles ALL the time!

More smiles

"Mommy loves me" - oh YES she does

Owen has been really coming alive this month. He's pretty feisty and loves attention. He also loves kisses, walks, sleeping on mommy in the baby Bjorn, being sung to, having his diaper changed, musical toys, and he's warming up to his swing.

He does NOT love being alone, sitting down, being put into his carseat, baths, and nap/night time.

He was doing well sleeping through the night last month, but something has changed and it's been more difficult. He generally sleeps about a six to eight hour stretch, then wants to eat and go back down. Hoping starting him on cereal this month will help this problem.

Another favorite around our house these days is the sound of Owen's laugh. He doesn't do it very often (Daddy is the best at getting a giggle out of him), but when he does, boy does he melt our hearts! Ryan and I so adore him and enjoy spending time together as a family. Owen is such a blessing to us, and we pray that we can continue to walk through each season with Owen to the glory of God.

I'll post another update after his appointment this week. I'm wondering how much he's gonna weigh... he's in 6 month clothes already!

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Stephanie said...

6-8 hours isn't considered a full night? Sometimes I can't even sleep 6 hours straight! ;)

More sweet pics! Thanks for posting!