Monday, November 28, 2011

You Should See the Other Guy

We've had our fair share of injuries/ailments around here lately.

It's safe to say that our pediatrician is on speed dial. It all started a few weeks ago when Austin touched a burning glass fireplace- with both hands. The only way I could get his to stop screaming was to sit him in my lap and hold his hands in a bowl of cold water. He almost fell asleep like this!

The next week, Owen was diagnosed with croup, which he recovered remarkably quickly from, thank goodness.

Last week, sometime during nap time rest time Owen got gnarly rug burn in his forehead and nose. According to his enthusiastic reenactment, he fell off his dresser (!!!). It's healing quite nicely, the mark almost gone. It looked a lot worse than this picture around day 3. We mostly kept it bandaged during the day do he wouldn't scare the masses.

Somehow, through all of this, we have managed to stay out of the ER. I'm so grateful that God continues to protect my little ones, especially when I can't! But I wouldn't mind a break from the owies :)

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