Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splash Pad

Last week I took my cutie patooties to the splash pad. It was a hot day and I was hoping they would get some energy out by running around. Plus, I wanted to try out my new camera (thanks Ry!). 

Well Owen was not having it. Here he is mid-"no". 

Austin was being the more adventurous one. He ventured out a little bit.

Owen wanted to check out the ducks. He watched them for quite a while. Even made some friends while he was standing there! Their conversation went something like this:
Little girl: "Look! Ducks!"
Owen: "Wow cool nice"
Little girl: "Yeah"
Owen: "Look!"
Little girl: "Yeah! Ducks!"

 I really like this pic of Owen. I love how his hand is stuck in his pocket!
 Austy took a snack break

 I must have really worn them out because Austin fell asleep while eating lunch.

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LaynahRose said...

haha I know that "no" face well :) looks like fun.