Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On June 15th, I turned 24!

Ryan took the day off to spend with me, which absolutely made my day. We didn't have any big plans, which was perfect because we really just wanted to quality family time. We started out the day with Krispy Kreme donuts and Starbucks. Really the perfect way to start any day.

 We packed up the boys and headed to one of my very favorite places, my home away from home, the mall :) But first I had to get a picture with my 2 boys.

Clearly, not an easy feat.

I think in this picture I'm trying to bribe convince Owen to come sit with me for a picture.
 Yay! A good one!

Did some shopping at Forever21 and Charlotte Russe and spent some birthday money. We took the boys on the carousel ride several times, which is prettty much Owen's favorite thing to do.

 For lunch we ate at one of my favorite mexican place, On the Border. The boys were soo good!

Austin was cracking me up - he ate his first lemon and was making all these crazy faces. 

After lunch we put the boys down for a nap Ryan stayed with them while I went to get coffee with one of my bestest friends, Ruth. I was glad to get to spend time with her because she's pregnant with baby #2 and was scheduled for an induction the next morning.  So glad we got some quality time together! Before we knew it, 2 1/2 hours had flown by. 

The boys were up from their naps when I got home so we all headed to Old Navy for some more birthday shopping. First I had to stop by the library because I had a book on reserve, the new Duggar family's book, A Love that Multiplies. The we decided to take the boys to Chick fil A for their dinner because we were still full from lunch. We picked up Cold Stone ice cream for dessert!

That evening, after we put the boys down, we cuddled on the couch with our ice cream and watched Lord of the Rings. We were re-watching the whole trilogy so I was excited to see the second one.

All in all, it was a fabulous day filled with family and friends, sweet texts, phone calls and messages, and quality time with my family. What more could a girl ask for?

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LaynahRose said...

Any day that starts with krispy kremes and ends with cold stone with shopping in the middle is a seriouslyyy good day, haha. You looked gorgeous btw.