Saturday, October 16, 2010

Owen's Birthday Part 2

We had Owen's second birthday party a few weeks after his actual birthday. He woke up to balloons, as per tradition!

And we gave him our presents that morning - a slide and a big orange ball.
He loved 'em!

Later that morning we had his party. I decided to keep it super simple this year. We had just moved, and life was hectic. Plus, for his first birthday last year I felt like I spent way too much time and energy on the aspects of the party that Owen didn't care about. So this year, simplicity was the motto! If Owen wouldn't care about it, I wasn't gonna mess with it.

We did a few simple decorations, this banner and a several balloons.

We kept the food very simple. Owen's favorite snacks are orange slices and goldfish crackers. So we put out two bowls of those and ordered Costco pizza.

Here's Owen chowing down at the food table.

He had a blast with all of his buddies. Here's cousin Trevor pushing him around in his car. He was laughing so hard!

Smiley Austin with my dad

Pinata time!

The day was surprisingly hot, so all the guys lined up in the shade and hung out!

Right before the cake, Owen was chowing down on two suckers.
Blowing out the (already snuffed out by the wind) candle!
Happy birthday Bubbs! Love love love you!

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