Thursday, October 7, 2010

Owen Turns 2!

Owen turned 2 on September 19th! Where has my baby gone? Now I have a talking, rambunctious, lovable little boy. But man, this age is fun!

Owen's birthday happened to be the day after we got back from vacation, so we decided to celebrate on his birthday party day a few weeks away. Our balloon and pancake tradition will just have to wait until then! We couldn't not do anything though, so we did take him to Petco to get his first fish!** We also did lunch at McDonalds, went to church, and had dinner at his cousins' house, so all in all it was a great day!

Here are some pics I snapped of Owen on his big day.

*Of course it wouldn't be a picture of Owen without some injury of some kind! The bruise on his forehead and nose is from a run-in with a wooden plank.

Owen is such a fun kid. He has a great imagination! He'll put just about anything on his head and call it a "hat". Orange slices, the laundry basket, my cell phone, anything and everything can be a hat!

He's pretty tall for his age. He's in the 30% for weight but the 90% for height! Tall and skinny. Love it.

He knows all of his letters. He can count to 11, and he can spell his name. Also, he loves to sing! ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday are his favorites.

He knows 2 verses: "Children, obey your parents" and "Do everything without complaining or arguing."

He loves playing with his buddies and being outside.

He's a pretty picky eater but some of his favorite foods are orange slices, cheese, crackers, goldfish, applesauce, yogurt, pizza, pancakes and Lucky Charms.

Ryan and I, pretty much every day, talk about how much fun Owen is and how much we love him.

Happy birthday Owen!

**Sadly, Ish the Fish died a few days after we got him :( We plan to attempt Ish Round 2 in the near future. Actually, Owen didn't even notice that Ish disappeared! Owen is an "outta sight outta mind" type kid for sure!

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