Friday, January 22, 2010

What We've Been Up to

It's been a low key few weeks at our house. It's been rainy, so we've spent a lot of time just hanging out at home, withe the occasional errand or trip to the park. I've done a lot of baking and cooking though, maybe I will put up some recipes!

It was so fun to celebrate my good friend Sarah's baby at her shower last Saturday. She is 7 weeks ahead of me, so being at her shower was kind of a wake up call for me! Yikes, I'm having a baby soon too! I forget sometimes in the busyness of life and running around with a toddler.

Sarah and the hostess, Ruth
We had so much fun with the Jones' on Sunday night. They came over after church to eat dinner and to watch the season premiere of 24 with us! Yeah, go Jack Bauer! They brought steaks to grill, and I made baked potatoes. Dinner was delicious!

Owen and his Nana

On Monday Ryan had the day off for MLK day. We instituted a pajama day because it was raining and cold. So we just hung out around the house, watched movies, read books, and had some good family time!

On a pregnancy note, every thing is going very well. Totally uneventful. I had my glucose test yesterday, I've been keeping up with my regular appointments, but it's just not setting in that we're having another one! I guess I know we're having another baby, but it just seems so far off in the distant future. When I was pregnant with Owen, I spent all my time working on my baby registry, shopping for clothes, scouring Craigslist for deals, reading new mom blogs.. It sure is different already having one to keep up with! I bet that when the third trimester hits in a few weeks it will all start to set in, and I'll probably go into panic mode! Ha! Hopefully the 3rd trimester will come with that nesting urge too, which would be great. I could use the energy!

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