Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Clothes!

One of the ways (actually, the only way) I have been preparing for Owen is... buying him clothes. Ryan calls it "shopping". I call it "bonding."

Since there really isn't a point in buying anything until my baby showers, I have been stocking up on my favorite little boy styles. So far I have come across some pretty cute stuff. Exhibit A:

This past weekend my dad took me shopping to buy some things for the baby. Thanks dad!!! Got some cute stuff:
(notice the matching beanie!!?)

And I have made a few purchases of my own:


Tabitha said...

Those are sooo adorable!! He is going to be his daddys mine me huh? Soo cute! Congrats on picking a name! I heard that can be the tough part (besides the pregnancy) :). So when are we going to see another baby bump pic? :)

J Winters said...

I miss buying "little" baby boys clothes! Very cute!!