Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Owen's First Movie!

While Ryan and Austin were out of town, I took Owen to his first movie. It was opening day of Cars 2!

I made a big deal about it in the days leading up to it. We talked about going to the movies, and Owen seemed really excited.

The day of the movie, we stopped into Target and I let Owen pick out his own treat. He picked Skittles. 

Then we headed to Chick fil A to pick up a quick breakfast. Didn't want to do our first movie on empty tummies!

We sat in front of the theatre and ate our breakfast while we waited to our friends (and cousins!).

Because it was opening day, we got there pretty early to get good seats. There was a group of 7 of us, and even though we had hoped to sit together, we had to break up into 2 groups. Wouldn't you know that we ended up sitting at almost the top of the theatre, right smack dab in the middle of the row. That would come back to bite me later.

Here's Owen sitting next to his cousin Rylee!
 The three of us
 Owen did great for the 45 minutes before the movie actually started. He sat still through the previews and the short Toy Story skit. But by the time Cars actually started, Owen was getting bored. He was trying to talk loudly to Rylee and he wanted to get out of his chair and walk around.

10 minutes into the movie, he was just being too loud, so I took him our of the theatre. We just played in the lobby for a good part of the movie.
The we returned during the last 15 minutes or so and he did great. Guess he had gotten all of his wigglies out!

So, I'm thinking he's still a bit young for the full movie experience. But it was still fun!

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