Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

Cousin Michael's 3rd birthday party was this weekend at Chuck E Cheese. Man o man, did Owen have fun! Well, we all did, but especially Owen. He loved running around and playing all the games. He found 2 games that he kept coming back to.

Ry & I with Austy. See how he's looking up at Ryan? He loves his daddy.

Mouth stuffed with pizza
Cutie patootie!
I couldn't get O to sit still for the pizza but here he is with the cake and ice cream
Sitting next to the birthday boy, Michael!
Austin got lots of lovin' from the ladies. Here he is with Nana.
And Aunt Jan
And Aunt Susan!
At one point, the music came on, Chuck E Cheese cake out, and we all Happy Birthday and other songs. See Owen dancing with Cousin Madi?
What a blast! It was so nice to see family. We may have to do Chuck E Cheese for Owen's 3rd birthday in September!

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