Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving '10

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day. I made us some breakfast in the morning - cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon.

Since I had some cooking to do, Ryan took Owen to the park. He looks so cute all bundled up, no?
AJ stayed home with me. I gave him some Cheerios and he worked on his pincer grasp. Look at that look of concentration on that cute little face!

A little after noon we headed to Chris & Tara's house for our Thanksgiving lunch. Everything looked so pretty and festive. Tara did a wonderful job hosting, as always. We were joined by Doug & JoAnn, as well as Chris' parents.

The kids made these seating arrangement crafts - aren't they cute?!
The boys got lots of snuggles from the family. Here's Austy with Nana.

Oh, the cuteness.
Austy with Papa
O with Auntie Tara
One of Owen's favorite people in the world, whom he asks to see nearly every day, dear cousin Taylor
O with his Daddy
After lunch we all played a really fun Catch Phrase-esque game and then hung out and chatted and looked at Black Friday ads while the cousins played.

What a wonderful day! So thankful for family and friends!

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Tara said...

so glad you got pics! I hardly got any... this time I need copies :)