Friday, July 23, 2010


Can I combine a football onesie with a leopard print background? :p

O loves to build "towers"
He loves me :)

Love his gummy smile!
Check out those lashes!
The shirt is gonna be funny until he's old enough to actually be a chick magnet. Then, not so much.

He is such a happy, smiley boy!

Do you think they look anything alike?


Emily Baker said...

Oh my gosh, Austin is adorable and has an INCREDIBLE head of hair! I'm glad that Owen is doing well!

Savanna said...

you've got some amazingly cute kids nae! I think Owen looks a lot like ryan (though looking a bit like you as he gets older) and Austin (as of now) looks for SURE like your little man!!!! but...not so much alike right now =) but, I think you can tell they're little bro buds ;) <3 u guys!!

Savanna said...
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