Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Birth Story

After waiting 5 days past my due date (again), I was scheduled for an induction at 12:30am Thursday morning. Ry and I headed to the hospital and got checked in. A little after 1am I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and given my first dose of Cervidil. Since I had already been dilated and effaced at my last appointment (2 1/2 cm, 70%), I was hoping the Cervidil would do the trick and kick me into labor on my own.

After round 2 of Cervidil, and a little bit of progress with dilation, we started up the Pitocin at about 6am. I didn't feel strong contractions yet at all. About an hour later, at 7am, Ryan left to quickly get us a few things from a Walgreens nearby. While he was gone my doctor showed up early for her morning rounds and said she was going to break my water! I texted Ryan to get back here! Ha, later on I found out he ran back from Walgreens as fast as he could!

Breaking the water seemed to do the trick. Within an hour or so I could feel the contractions. They progressed from mild to moderate in about an hour. I was around 5 centimeters when the anesthesiologist was available to give me an epidural. Finally, at about 8:30, I was numb and comfortable. We started updating family and suggesting they start heading our direction (most of them live in Gilbert, which is about 45 minutes away).

Things progressed surprisingly fast after the epidural kicked in. About 9:30, an hour after my epidural, the nurse came to check my progress and she said I was about ready to push!! I was shocked, I couldn't feel a thing, my family was nowhere near the hospital, I just wasn't ready!! She left to go find the doctor. My sister in law and friend Ruth came in to visit while I was put on oxygen. The baby's heart rate was dipping low with contractions. We had to kick our visitors out pretty quick, because the doctor arrived and I was ready to deliver!

After a few (maybe 4?) pushes, our sweet Austin Caleb was born at 10:04am! He had a full head of hair and was screaming with a healthy set of lungs. He scored 9/9 on the Apgar, and he ate great right away! We were so happy but a little overwhelmed. The delivery happened so fast that I was still in shock! But we were so happy to have a healthy baby boy.

Just a few minutes old
Proud Daddy

Proud Mommy

We're so happy to add Austin to our family!!!


CreativeChretin said...

Congrats! He looks so cute! And so much hair. When i had Rylen, they broke my water and that is how they got my contractions going too. :)

Savanna said...

you people make such a pretty family!
miss y'all <3