Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Whoops. Have I really not posted an update since Easter?

May has been a great month for us, with lots of things to celebrate. Mother's Day, our anniversary, Owen turning 8 months, my mother-in-law and niece's birthday, and the last Sunday at Sovereign Grace (not totally 'celebratory'; bittersweet I'd say) before we begin meeting at Grace Church with our church plant team. Next month will be busy and fun and full of celebrating too!

My Mother's Day was wonderful. Ryan had pictures taken of him and Owen in a photo booth :) So stinkin' cute! He gave them to me in a sweet card. He also let me buy a dress. Mother's Day morning we went to church, then to celebrate JoAnn and Tara with the Jones family. And score, the Jones' gave me a giftcard to Charlotte Russe (my favorite place to shop EVER!) and Dad gave me a gift card to Toni & Guy (thinking about going blonde for the summer....)

(side note: I LOVE my boys!)

I have these picture hanging in the mirror where I do my makeup so I can look at them all the time :)

I so enjoyed being able to take part in this special holiday, and reflect on how God granted my dream of being a mother. I loved on Owen a little extra that day - he makes it easy to be his mommy :) I also took some time to reflect on my own mother and how much I miss her. She was a wonderful, wonderful mom. I see that even more now that I am a mother too. Makes me miss her even more. Anyway, we spent the evening relaxing with Dad and watching a movie. All in all it was such a nice day and I felt so blessed. I adore being a Mom and getting to celebrate those Moms around me that I look up to and want to be like.

Our 3 year annniversary was a few days later, on the 13th. We had caregroup that night, so we planned to celebrate that weekend. Dad watched Owen while Ryan and I went out for the evening. We had fun sharing memories and enjoying each other. 3 years and still going strong Babe!!

In Owen news, he just turned 8 months. Man, 7-8 months has held some major milestones! He broke his first bottom tooth, and the one next to it is on its way. I now understand the term "teething." Yikes. He went from sleeping through the night to being up 3, 4, or 5 times a night for about two weeks now. Oh well, he's cute :) He is full-on crawling and pulling himself up on everything. He's such a big boy now!! He also waves bye-bye, shakes his head (doesn't necessarily mean "no", just a playful thing), sticks out his tongue, says "ma ma ma" and "da da da" and is learning to give kisses.

Here's a video of his special talents; bouncing, shaking his head and waving "bye bye"

In a good mood in the morning


Pulling himself up on the coffee table and sticking out his tongue :p

Too busy pulling himself up to take a nap
Just.... cute.

Snugglin' with Papa before bedtime
Wonder what 9 months holds!

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