Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 Months

Owen is 6 months! (and 2 weeks... better late than never, right?)

Here are his stats:

Weight - 19.1lbs (73%)

Height - 29in (98%)

Head circumference - 17in (30%)

I have no words to describe how crazy we are about this little guy. We're just beside ourselves in love with him. He is at such a fun age, developing personality galore.

He's also hit some great milestones lately. He can:

hold himself up in the crawling position (and occasionally army crawl across the floor)

Hold his own sippy cup

Be entertained for a while in his bouncer and play with all the toy attachments

sit up on his own for a few seconds at a time (although he hates sitting... he arches his back. He would rather be crawling or on his back!)

Hold himself up on all fours

And he's really really good at......

being cute :)

He's much easier to take places. If we go to a restaurant he can sit in a booster seat. He eats food puree about twice a day (bananas, applesauce, and carrots - we're about to start peas!). He really likes food, although he's distracted from eating pretty easily.

Personality-wise, he's such a ham. He loves loves loves to be cuddled. He wants me to hold him all the time. We are working with him on playing independently - not his strong point. He is pretty content and only cries for a reason - tired, hungry or wants to be held. In general he is quite a happy boy, ready to dish out the smiles, especially for his Dad. He is in an exploring stage, wanting to touch and taste everything. I don't think he's teething quite yet, but I'm sure that's around the corner.

He loves dogs, walks, attention, keyboards, his Daddy, Little Einstein, his cousins, sipping water out of a cup, my cell phone, his nana & pappas, and his favorite singing bunny stuffed animal. He's doesn't care for playing alone on the floor, his bumbo, getting dressed and putting lotion on, being put in his car seat and stroller, and sitting up on his own. He has a love/hate relationship with his walker, excersaucer, stroller, being tickled, and his baths. For such a little guy he has quite a few preferences already! The main one being his sleep schedule. He hasn't slept through the night in a little over a month, getting up once or twice during the night. These have been trying times for me, but seeing his cute little face every morning smiling when I get him up makes it all worth it!



Stephanie said...

He sure is a talented little guy! :)

Do you think he looks a little like Drew in some of those pics?

Ruth said...


Shianna said...

AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! that pic is PRECIOUS!!!! I love his face- haha!! such a mamma's boy!! lol- love u guys, you're such a sweet/pretty family!! xoxo<3<3 can't wait 2 watch him again & have u guys over!!