Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Ryan and I had a very nice Valentine's Day this year. We celebrated earlier in the week by going with our friends, Jeff and Ruth, to a nice dinner and to see the play The Lion King. It also happened to be Ruth's birthday!
Ruth had never had a birthday song sung to her at a restaurant!! So I had to get it on video to preserve the memory.


On actual Valentine's Day, I babysat Bella while Ryan helped a friend. Bella, Owen and I went to Target for a bit. Later on Ryan surprised me by having Doug and JoAnn babysit so he and I could have lunch, just the two of us. We went to Sauce and really enjoyed our time together. Doug and JoAnn took wonderful care of Owen while we were gone and spoiled him with a balloon, stuffed animals, and toys. And of course lots of attention, hugs and kisses.
After afternoon naps, we did what is my favoritest thing to do, we went to San Tan Mall with the baby and walked around. Dad met up with us later in the evening for some dinner.

Facinated with Baby Einstein

Gettin some lovin' from Nanna while he naps

LOVED the balloon.

Owen loves Nanna and Poppa!
Owen giving me his Valentine's Day card :p

Thanks for a great Valentine's Day Ry!

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